Experts in sound and
vibration since 1984

Mission, Vision and Values

MJM Mission

MJM Acoustical Consultants Inc. provides our customers (developpers, contractors, architects, building owners, etc) in Québec and worldwide  clear recommendations which can be easily put into place using commonly available materials often distributed by a large number of suppliers.

MJM dedicates 100% of its resources to acoustical consulting and noise control and is totally independent of any supplier or manufacturer of acoustical materials and vibration isolators. This ensures our clients that they benefit from the highest quality consultation and that their interests are not in conflict with our own.

Our recommendations are based on the technical knowledge acquired during our 33 years of existence, through measurements in laboratory or in situ and through many research projects and scientific studies carried out on behalf of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

MJM Vision

• Impose the acoustical consultant as a key member of the professional team (structural, mechanical engineer, architect, etc.) in all the construction, renovation and building development projects.
• Acknowledge the role and competences of the acoustical consultant and promote the application of the best practices in architectural acoustics and noise and vibration control.

MJM Values

• Provide rigorous and easily understandable measurements reports, evaluations and recommendations.
• Provide a fast, rapidly available and cost effective customer service.
• Work as a team and develop our employees technical and social skills as well as their knowledge.
• Innovate in the acoustical instrumentation and procedure and the acoustical simulation software and share with the community to ensure the diffusion in the best practices.

Our Software

Reflex, Odeon, Cadna/A and Insul

REFLEX is a room acoustics software application developed in 1989 by MJM ACOUSTICAL CONSULTANTS INC. with the help of the department of architecture and mathematics of University of Montréal. With REFLEX one can visualize the spatial distribution of the first reflexions on the boundaries of a room, and reorient automatically surfaces to redirect sound reflexions where they are required…

Training and Seminars

MJM Acoustical Consultants Inc. offers seminars or conferences to professionals (architects, engineers, etc) and our clients who wish to improve the knowledge about architectural, environmental acoustics and noise and vibration control. Please contact us at for more information.

Domtar Acoustical Laboratory

Domtar Acoustical Laboratory was leased and operated by MJM Acoustical Consultants from 1992 until 2006, when the future of the facility became uncertain. In the summer of 2013, under a new owner, the building was demolished. Most of the research papers found on our website were conducted within this facility…

Our Team

Providing you with quality service

The members of the MJM Acoustical Consultants Inc. team are dedicated to their work with rigor and passion in order to provide the fastest and most cost-effective service in acoustics and noise and vibration control. Our team members are listed below:

Nicolas Lévêque, ing., ASTM
President and Principal Consultant
Hong Tong, ing.
Senior Consultant/Project Manager
Samira Laoual
Project Assistant
Michel Morin, B. Arch, ASA, ASTM
Founder, Associate
Malek Khalladi, M. Sc.
Julia Gilfanova
Operations Coordinator
Graça Firmino
Executive Assistant
Gabriel Leroux, ing.

Join the team

Career Opportunities

MJM ACOUSTICAL CONSULTANTS INC. is constantly looking for technical and professional staff. The position available are listed below:

Acoustical Consultant

Realize community noise assessment, noise impact study and noise evaluation of potential building sites. Sound isolation in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings…

Acoustical Technician

Realize noise measurements procedures according to the ASTM and/or ISO standards. Realize the geometrical studies and evaluate the acoustical treatment for spaces in which acoustics are of primary importance…

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