REFLEX is a room acoustics software application developed in 1989 by MJM ACOUSTICAL CONSULTANTS INC. with the help of the department of architecture and mathematics of University of Montréal. With REFLEX one can visualize the spatial distribution of the first reflexions on the boundaries of a room, and reorient automatically surfaces to redirect sound reflexions where they are required. This last feature allows the acoustical designer to address the spatialization of a room, an aspect of room acoustics which is often left aside because of the lack of proper tools to adress it.

REFLEX is a LISP program designed to be used with AUTOCAD: it is a powerful design tool which actually allows the acoustical designer to modify the design of the room. Among other things REFLEX allows to:

  • Identify areas where useful reflexions occur on a wall or ceiling surface

  • Determine the surfaces likely to generate long delayed reflexions (echoes), or sound focalization

  • Locate and optimize the areas of a room where sound absorptive treament is required

  • Orient acoustical reflectors to optimize the acoustic spatialization of a room by redirecting first reflexions with the proper delay and angle of incidence where they are most needed

For those clients who are interested in the acoustical analysis of a theater or concert hall, a full demonstration of REFLEX capabilities is available in our offices.