You will find below a non-exhaustive list of the area of expertise covered by the services offered by MJM Acoustical Consultants Inc


  • Studies to determine the impact of new noise sources (industrial, commercial, highways, etc.) in the proximity of existing communities.
  • Studies to determine site selection based on the noise environment; the results of these studies are also used to determine the amount of sound insulation that should be provided by the building envelopes to be constructed on a site.
  • Planning and noise abatement measures as part of urban site development.
  • Software used: CadnaA, IBANA, Insul 8.0.


  • Preparation of acoustic criteria according to the intended use of a building, and specification of the materials and construction methods required to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Geometric study and acoustic treatment of music rooms, studios (film, television, audio recording), conference rooms, auditoriums, cinemas, concert halls and theaters.
  • When required, design and preparation of working drawings and relevant sections of specifications for spaces whose main function depends essentially on their acoustics.
  • Control of vibrations and noise produced by the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Software used: Reflex, Odéon, Insul, SoundPaths (NRC),


  • Assessment of the risk of auditory acuity loss in a noisy environment.
  • Recommendations for palliative measures to control industrial noise.

Product Development

  • Consulting and preparation of research and development protocols for companies who wish to improve the acoustical performance of their products. MJM Acoustical Consultants Inc is able to supervise the acousticaltesting for product development which generally take place in an external laboratory (NRC, Riverbank, etc.)